Popcorn Kernel Varieties

Strawberry Red Variety Strawberry Red Popping Corn Very attractive in colour. Pops up very white with a red centre. Has a very crispy texture and a delicious flavour.
Shamu Blue Variety Shamu Blue Popping Corn Great colour. This popping corn is rich in taste, pops up large and fluffy. Also tested and proven to contain anti-oxidants.
White Hull-less Variety White Hull-less Popping Corn Very white colour. Rice variety type of popping corn. Has a mild flavour, very crisp and even texture. A true hull-less variety. Slightly smaller pop.
Purple Passion Variety Purple Passion Popping Corn Sweet flavor, very tender eating and pops more yellow in colour. Good size pop. Very pleasing to the palate. Also, tested and proven to contain anti-oxidants.
Traditional Yellow Variety Traditional Yellow Popping Corn Enjoy the chewy, creamy texture of this butterfly variety. More of a fragmented hull. Very pleasing to the palate.
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Foodland Ontario
Made in Canada
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