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The Ontario Popping Corn Story...

Blair and Livia bought the company from Blair's father and three associates, and took over in 1988, while they were still growing tobacco on their farm, with popping corn providing only secondary income. Slowly but surely, with effort and increased marketing savvy, popping corn overtook the tobacco until, in 2007, they made the decision to make it their main business (although they do now grow soybeans in rotation). Because of growing demand, ten to 15 percent of their popping corn crop is now organic. From the initial single type, the selection has grown to eight different varieties of popping corn, and Blair and Livia ship it all over. Although they sell some to larger snack food companies who market it under their own labels, much of their product goes into bags labelled 'Uncle Bob's Popcorn', a name with 26 years of history attached. It was named after Blair's late father, who was known to everyone as Uncle Bob.

In the Field

The Ontario Popping Corn Co. was the recipient of the Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence. They were honoured with this Provincial Award in 2011.

At Ontario Popping Corn, everything from storage and cleaning of the corn to packaging and shipping is state-of-the-art, immaculately clean and efficiently organized. Their warehousing and shipping area is climate-controlled, eliminating any need for fumigants to keep the product free from pests. Nothing is wasted. Both the large processing, packaging and distribution area and the shop where the equipment is maintained are heated by corn furnaces. Kernels that are sorted out as either too large or too small for their products are sold to bird food producers. Any remaining by-product is taken to the woodlot to feed the deer.

Provincial Award of Excellence

The Townsends have gone from supplying seven or eight stores in the Simcoe-Brantford area in the early days, to selling their product through Foodland and Foodtown supermarkets. Picard's Peanuts sells Uncle Bob's in all their stores. Other area retailers who carry their products include The Apple Place in Simcoe; Kernal Peanuts; The Cider Keg; Wiggans and Cashmere and Cobwebs in Port Rowan; the Langton Foodland; Coward's Pharmacy in Tillsonburg, and the newest addition, Crate and Barrel Stores amung many more across Canada. Customers can purchase at the farm, but by appointment only. Every fall, you can find Ontario Popping Corn products for sale at FlavourFest at the Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show. Blair is happy to state that, via one of their distributors, "We supply all the arenas in Norfolk County". Livia proudly mentions that, in response to nutrition concerns, another distributor has placed their product in all Ontario schools, as a safe, healthy snack.

They are proud to be Local Food Plus certified, have Foodland Ontario recognition, GMO free as well as we are certified organic. They are members of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, and recently learned from that organization that their company is the largest grower of popping corn in Canada.
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