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Located down by the shores of Lake Erie, Ontario Popping Corn Co. has been growing the best popping corn since 1985. We are a family run business that takes pride in a product that goes to you the consumer. All of the popcorn hybrids have been selectively chosen, meticulously harvested, cleaned and packaged for you right here on our own farms in southwestern Ontario.

Norfolk County Fair
Norfolk County Fair 2017

Our products are Foodland recognized, Local Food Plus certified, GMO free. We also offer a 500g cloth bag of certified organic popping corn. Uncle Bob's specializes in the tasty white hull-less variety that has much less of a hull and is very pleasing to the palate. Give our tasty varieties a try, strawberry red, shamu blue, purple passion, white hull-less and traditional yellow.

There is a flavour and a texture for everyone when it comes to Uncle Bob's popping corn.
Certified Local Sustainable - Ontario
Foodland Ontario
Made in Canada
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